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Top 5 Tips For Designing a Business Card

Business Cards

Summary of the top 5 tips provided by 38 professional designers

UPrinting Blog wrote “38 Pro Designers Reveal Their Top Business Card Design Tips” here’s our summary of the top 5 tips provided by these 38 pro designers. If you want to read the whole article you can find it here.

Our Summary

Do less with more. Don’t over saturate a business card with anything other than the necessary information.

Keep in mind that, most of the time, your design will leave the first impression on your prospective clients, so try and make something that will “WOW” them.

Make sure the text is legible, even if fancy letters look awesome! If people can’t read it, they won’t call you back. 

Start by mapping out the purpose and unique element(s) of your business card before you actually start designing anything.

Try and include elements of your product/service you offer into your design somehow so that, even if you’re not around to hand the card to someone, your client will know right away what your offering is. For some people their logo already achieves this.

Overall, out of the 38 designers, almost all of them mentioned that simplicity is key and that less is more.  Some were more prone to fancy card designs that go way outside of the box, such as special custom business card cuts and multiple use business cards, where others were closer to the edge of the box, with unique designs, and then there were the ones that were right inside that box, with a lot of classic white space and a personal headshot.

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