The Advantages of Custom Embroidery in Building Your Brand

Embroidery Design

Custom embroidery is a relatively small feature of brand planning. Yet, it has manifold effects. At a convention, for example, employees wearing shirts emblazoned with their company logo will always stand out. On the other hand, a restaurant where employees wear whatever they want to work will not make the same impact as one that requires workers to be in custom shirts, making it clear that they represent the company. Aside from employee unity, custom embroidery also builds your reputation and serves as a free advertising tool whenever your workers are outside the office. 

In this article, we’ll share with you three ways custom embroidery adds value to your brand and company. Keep on reading to find out more.

1. It enhances your brand awareness

A uniform embroidered with the company logo lets you and your employees advertise to a wider audience even without any audible communication. Custom embroidery can also be added to items other than uniforms. Imagine your logo on team building shirts, blazers, or even company merchandise that can be given away during events. It is also common to have caps, jackets, hoodies, and even bags embroidered. 

Not only will your employees act as walking billboards for your company, but anyone who uses your merchandise can also promote you indirectly. Consider adding company information like your contact details on the logo so that customers can immediately have information other than your name to go by.

2. It exudes a sense of professionalism

An embroidered logo, when designed well, elevates the appeal of your uniforms. It also gives your employees a sense of unity of being under the same name. In the hospitality industry, in particular, having company logos on uniforms is essential because employees need to be easily identifiable by guests or patrons when they enter an establishment. 

There are also different techniques for embroidering, which fit different brand styles. A technique that produces a more 3D effect, for example, is good for companies that have high-impact logos. To achieve such heights, consult with a reputable company like Clever Print to find out which technique will suit your business.

3. It is durable and adaptable

Know that custom embroidery can withstand most weather conditions, and it can also be put through washing machines. Fabric cleaners will not affect a professionally embroidered logo because it is designed to remain on your clothes for years. This is especially beneficial for companies that have a smaller budget for uniforms and are looking for inexpensive ways to keep their employees looking professional when on-duty. 

Apart from being long-lasting, embroidered logos can also be modified to suit whatever surface it will appear on. When you work with a well-known printing company, they will be able to handle orders for a variety of materials.

Wrapping up

Custom embroidered logos are valuable and cost-effective. From sports teams to buttoned-up corporations, logo embroidery is used to promote a brand visually. When coupled with professional practices in customer service, you are sure to leave a positive impression in the minds of your prospective clients. 

If you need an effective method to build your brand, get in touch with Clever Print in Ottawa today to see how we can plan and produce custom embroidery for your company.

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