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The customer acknowledges that he or she has reviewed the design, content, spellings, and relative colours of all confirmed orders and that these elements of the confirmed order are correct. All produced orders will be delivered according to the exact specifications of the final proof. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to review all final proofs for any and all errors. An order produced according to the final proof will constitute an acceptable and completed order, and by confirming any order with CleverPrint a customer agrees to the following CleverPrint Terms and Conditions IN CONSIDERATION OF THE FOLLOWING THE CUSTOMER, BY ACCESSING THE CLEVERPRINT WEBSITE AND BY ENGAGING CLEVERPRINT TO PROVIDE SERVICES, HEREBY AGREES TO THE STATED TERMS AND CONDITIONS SET FORTH BY CLEVERPRINT. CLEVERPRINT RESERVES THE RIGHT TO AMEND OR CHANGE THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS AT ANY TIME WITHOUT NOTICE. IF THE CUSTOMER DOES NOT AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS PLEASE REFRAIN FROM ACCESSING CLEVERPRINT SERVICES.


CleverPrint reserves the rights to all copyright material and all content included on this website. All CleverPrint logos, production, and trademarks are the exclusive property of CleverPrint and may not be used without the express written permission of a CleverPrint executive. CleverPrint prohibits the reproduction or distribution of products, materials, softwares, included on this site and any other third party site that posts content on this site. The customer agrees to not use any copyright or trademarked materials that are not the rightful property of the customer; furthermore, the customer agrees to not use any unlicensed materials or artwork without express written permission from the contents owner for any CleverPrint services. CleverPrint reserves the right to defer any order to cancellation status if there is reasonable cause to believe there is any breach of copyright law associated with any order.


All orders will be shipped within 7-10 business days of order confirmation and payment. Any requests for orders to be shipped less than 7 days before order confirmation and payment are subject to applicable rush fees. CleverPrint orders are considered filled once shipped. CleverPrint does not assume any responsibility for shipping delays resulting from company delays, customs inspections, or any other factor that may cause shipping to be delayed. In the event a customer requests a change to an order’s specifications before production begins the order will be shipped within 7-10 business days of the date of the confirmation of the final order specifications. If an incorrect address has been supplied by the customer and an order is returned to CleverPrint, CleverPrint will notify the customer and request the correct address. Additional charges will apply for orders returned to CleverPrint that must be re-shipped.


Governing law

CleverPrint is an international provider located in Ontario. All terms and conditions in any agreement with CleverPrint are governed in accordance with Ontario Provincial law.

Limitation of Liability

CleverPrint employees, owners, operators, officers, suppliers, and affiliates will under no circumstance be held liable for any damages resulting from loss of content, profits, information, or for and potential damages arising from any customer faults. CleverPrint will not be held liable for any unauthorized or unethical use of this website or any CleverPrint services.


The customer agrees to indemnify CleverPrint and all parties associated with CleverPrint, its website, and its services, including suppliers, and to be liable for all damages and expenses associated with any legal proceedings if any breach of these terms and conditions are made on behalf of the customer.


All sales made through CleverPrint are final. The customer must notify CleverPrint of any errors within 10 days of an order being shipped. It is the customer’s responsibility the return the entire order to CleverPrint for examination within 10 days of notification of any errors. CleverPrint will not refund shipping costs or rush delivery fees; however, if it is determined that an order contained errors as a result of CleverPrint’s fault then CleverPrint will cover replacement costs for materials and labour to replace the order.


The customer must submit and approve the final proof before an order can be confirmed. It is the responsibility of the customer to carefully review the final proof before submission. CleverPrint assumes no fault and no liability for defective merchandise resulting from errors in punctuation, grammar, bleeds, graphics, misspelling, or any other errors reasonably resulting from a faulty proof.


All payments are to be made via MasterCard, Visa, or PayPal. An order is only considered confirmed once the payment has been processed and has been received by CleverPrint.


Customer Graphics and Artwork Submissions

CleverPrint requests that all artwork be submitted in CMYK format to produce the best and most accurate results. Any discrepancies between any CleverPrint products and original artwork resulting from designs in any other colour format, or from low or poor quality artwork, is exclusively the customer’s fault and CleverPrint assumes no responsibility for these discrepancies. Any issues that arise from low or poor quality artwork or from artwork

Order Quantities

An order will be considered acceptable and completed if, upon delivery to the customer, the order’s overrun or underrun does not exceed 5% of the total quantity ordered.

Colour Proofing and Matching

Final Proofs will guarantee-Graphics, designs, text accuracy, layout, and the placement and proportion of images. CleverPrint is not responsible for exact colour matching. Variations in inks, papers, equipment, operations, order specifications, additional coatings, and/or conditions resulting in a marginal difference in colour between final proof and final product is unavoidable. Proofs may differ slightly because of inconsistent or varying monitor settings; however, CP will deliver truest colour match available with given final proof.

Cancelling Orders

Orders can be cancelled by email up to 8 hours after confirmation. Cancelled orders will result in the customer receiving a store credit for the total amount of the order before applicable taxes, less the amount of cancellation charges ($50) and the cost of any graphic design fees, administrative fees, or credit card fees. All store credits will be available for a period of 6 months.


The customer acknowledges and agrees that all information, graphics, or materials of any kind are the exclusive responsibility of the customer, and that all local rules and regulations conducting Internet Service usage apply to the website and services provided by CleverPrint and all of its subsidiaries. The customer agrees to comply with all laws governing the transmission of any content online. The Transmission of any of the following content is strictly prohibited from the CleverPrint website: any threat made to an individual or body that conflicts with Ontario law, any obtuse defamation of any company or individual, any infringement on intellectual property rights, or any pornography or lewd material. CleverPrint reserves the right to refuse any order it deems inappropriate and to transfer any inappropriate order to cancellation status.