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Step 1 : Why Screen Printing?

When it comes to printing in large quantities, screen printing is the best option, however, here are a few key points to keep in mind when finding the best print method for your project.

Number of colors in your design

Screen printing is favorable for designs with low color counts, but can be unfavourable when there are high color counts to print.

Setup costs

When you’re looking into screen printing, keep in mind that every design requires one separate screen for each color. This is unfavorable when your order size has a high color count and favorable if it’s low (this will also depend on the number of designs).


In summary, this printing method is extremely popular and durable so it’s hard to go wrong. Full-color vinyl is the best options for a 1-24 unit order as they avoid any setup fees whereas orders of 25+ units are ideal for screen printing when there’s a low color count and for a high color count, generally speaking, the ideal order starts at 100-200+ units.

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