Our brochures come in all sizes and finishes to suit your every situation.  Our gloss text makes your content stand out, matte brochures for when you’re looking to keep it low-profile yet sleek-looking finish. On the opposite spectrum you have our UV high gloss, it’s purpose is to shine without ever fading. Lastly but not least, for those looking to do a little good on this planet, our Enviro uncoated brochure which uses recycled paper.

In conclusion, whether you’re looking to get for direct mail mailouts for a campaign or an in-store handout for a product, service or simply for education about your brand, we have the brochures you need.

Touch base if you need help tailoring the perfect design for the perfect brochure.

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Enviro Uncoated Brochure

Ditch your ‘Eco-friendly’ attitudes for this one. Remember when trees were like the only thing preserving our planet? Well, they still are-- but thanks to these enviro uncoated brochures instead of wasting resources (and not saving anything in return), you can help save Mother Earth without really even noticing it.

Gloss Text Brochure

Gloss text brochures are a sleek and easy way to get your message across. Leave meaning with a light jog up the sides of minimal, airy fabric that is beautiful in its simplicity. It's the marketing material you'll always want to have on hand.

Matte Brochures

If you're looking for a classier brochure printing, look no further than our Matte Brochures. 100lb of good looks with reduced glare and accessibility to custom colors, all in one firm package.

UV High Gloss Brochures

When you're looking for glossy brochures, look no further than UV High Gloss Brochures with ultraviolet or "UV" coating. These high-shine gloss brochures are beautiful and durable. The dazzling gloss of the finish adds visual interest to your design with its added depth and dimension (even before you send it out).