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Step 1 : Why Embroidery?

Embroidery is best known for embroidered polos, jackets, hats, caps, toques and bags.

First of all, embroidery is the longest lasting method of branding fabric.  Your design will stay looking fresh for as long as the garment is in use.

Secondly, some things are just best embroidered.  For example, gym bags, can’t be embroidered unless it’s directly on the fabric they use to fabricate the bag.  Embroidery leaves a semi 3D effect normally and if you want a much more visible 3D puff, there’s options for specialty embroidery to achieve that.

Lastly, thread colours will remain bright and vibrant for the lifetime of the garment where other printing methods will crack and fade over time and wash cycles.

Embroidery is best the best solution for your project if you’re looking for a long lasting and quality representation of your brand.  There is minimal setup fees (you only need to digitize your design once!) And there is no minimum order size.

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