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Choosing The Right Clothing For Your Project


Choosing the right clothing for your custom printing project can be difficult.  This guide is to help you skip through the selection process and get right to production!

First off, which category do you fall under?


  • Corporate / Staff apparel
  • Custom Clothing Brand
  • Band, Brand, or Hobbyist Merch


Corporate / Staff apparel

When you’re putting together an order for custom clothing which your colleagues / employees will be wearing every day, it’s important to include them in the selection process.  You’ll want to answer the following questions.


  • Is there a majority preference in material? Cotton, polyester or cotton/polyester blend?
  • Sizing preferences
  • Type of custom clothing (t-shirts, polos / golf shirts, with or without pockets, v-necks, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts )
  • Colors

Once you know what type of material you want, what sizes, what colors, and what type of custom clothing you’re looking for, you can easily filter through your options.  Try our free resource tool or ask our team for help!


Custom Clothing Brand 

If you’re starting a custom clothing brand you’ll want to work within your budget and this guide will provide our best tips on making sure that happens!


Inventory management

Whether you’re getting custom fabricated clothing or using prefabricated custom clothing brands, you’ll want to keep inventory management in mind.  For each design & clothing colour option you’ll need appropriate size inventory (small, medium, large, and extra large.)


The difference between low priced and high priced clothing

High priced clothing should be soft to the touch and will be properly pre-shrunk so that there is minimal shrinking during the lifetime of the garment.

Just because a garment is low priced doesn’t always mean it will shrink and will be rough to the touch, but it does usually mean that the fit will be more generic and not custom tailored as its audience is much more broad.

We have a wide selection of low to medium grade blank custom clothing ready for your branding that you can find in our catalog.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, consider perhaps looking locally at a store like H&M or Simons to find something that better suits your vision to bring in for printing!


Band, Brand or Hobbyist Merch 

When you’re looking at band, brand or hobbyist merch, simple clothing will do the trick as people are buying your merch to support your brand and sport your swag to the world.  This is why most bands, brands, and hobbyists put the majority of their focus on high quality artwork and printing.

Lastly, here are some tips that apply to everyone.

Here’s a sizing guide! This is how many of each size you should hold in inventory.

20% Small | 30% Medium | 40% large | 10% Extra large

If you’re looking for something simple and budget friendly we recommend Gildan.  Check them out here.

If you’re looking for something a little higher quality and fitted we recommend Bella and Canvas.   Check them out here.

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