Screen Printing

A Basic Introduction to Screen Printing on Clothing

Screen Printing

Throughout history, consumers, producers, designers, and companies have witnessed countless changes and developments that have played a significant role in creating the clothes that we know today. 

A long way from loincloths and bearskins, the clothes of today are a culmination of centuries-worth of research and development that has manifested in millions of pieces that combine comfort, style, and durability. From the introduction of “bottle thread” that is made out of disposable plastic to cutting-edge designs that blur the lines between masculinity and femininity, it’s no secret that the clothing industry continues to evolve greatly year after year.

Out of all the pieces of technology, techniques, and resources that act as the foundation for the ever-evolving clothing industry, one technique that has arguably contributed greatly in the past few decades is screen printing. 

What is screen printing?

The technique of screen printing has been used extensively in workshops and manufacturing around the world as a means to fuse the beauty of fashion design and graphic design together. 

Throughout the course of the screen printing process, a skilled artisan uses a mesh stencil that has any given design (depending on what’s requested), which helps act as a guide that shapes the ink onto the fabric or clothing. It is worth noting, however, that each screen used can only be paired with one particular colour to avoid an unsightly mix of colours in the final product. 

With regards to cost, a standard screen printing job is typically charged per piece or batch of shirts and can go up or down depending on the total number of colours used in a particular design. 

Once every layer is laid out according to the specifics of a job order, each shirt is sent through a special dryer that treats the applied ink to ensure a long-lasting finish that stays on even after countless washes. 

Why you should consider screen printing

When compared with various forms of printing that are primarily applied to clothing, screen printing is one of the best options in the market because it provides a wide range of benefits. If you want to jump into the exciting world of combining art and fashion design, here are a few reasons you should go for screen printing right away:

1. The colours come out as vibrant as they should be

Thanks to the advancements in screen printing technology, manufacturers continue to churn out reliable pieces of equipment and materials that create high-quality products, especially when it comes to the aspect of colour. For one, screen printing ink now comes in a wide variety of shades and finishes that help with creating vibrant products. 

2. The output is as durable as can possibly be

Aside from vibrant colours, the products, techniques, and pieces of equipment used in screen printing today are so much more capable of creating durable output that will last as long as possible.

3. There are certain satisfying textures that you can’t get anywhere else

As opposed to the flaky, cheap-feeling finishes of other clothes printing methods, screen printing has a satisfying rubber-like textured feel that helps with increasing the overall quality of any clothing product. 

Bottom Line

With the use of screen printing, any clothing brand or garment manufacturing company can further enhance the desirability, quality, and overall impact of their products. Screen printing proves to be a reliable method to create high-quality products. If you’ve been looking for a screen printing service in Canada to further improve the overall feel of your clothing products and future releases, get in touch with us today. We’re happy to help.