7 Common Postcard Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid


Postcards are the cheapest form of direct mail. They’re easy to make and typically have a high rate of response. Although postcards are an effective method of marketing, there are several common mistakes you’ll have to avoid.  

How well you can address these seven mistakes can mean the difference between a successful marketing campaign and an utter failure. Keep the following blunders in mind to ensure that they aren’t repeated:


Ignoring the Best Prospects

What do you think would happen if a steak-producing company were to send out marketing postcards to a vegetarian group? There would be zero response, of course (unless there’s a meat-eater in hiding).

The most critical factor in a successful postcard marketing campaign is having a list of the best possible prospects. An in-house list is arguably the best, mainly if the record contains candidates that are known to act on offers in which they’re interested.

If you don’t have an in-house list, make one for yourself or even rent one! For that, you’ll need to go to a list broker. For some fee, you’ll be able to rent publications and newsletters that are commonly read by prospects in your intended market.


Failing to Make Use of Repetition

Constant, repetitive mailing is much more effecting than sending out one single postcard mail and leaving it at that. When a person sees your company name and brand over and over, they’ll become more familiar with you. 

Although it’ll take some time and several mailing attempts before you net a sale, the increase in revenue will far offset any costs from printing out the postcards.


Sending Cards That Aren’t Personable

To make sure your postcard stays professional yet friendly, make sure to include a brief personal message. This will create a positive emotional reaction from the reader and improve your chances of getting a response.


Committing Mailing Mishaps

Whenever possible, avoid using imprinted postage as people associate it with junk mail. A first-class stamp will cost you a bit more, but it will create a better first impression with the receiver. Plus, you’ll get first-class benefits such as “return to sender” if the address isn’t valid. This benefit also allows you to edit your mailing list to remove and add addresses, respectively.

Paying attention to postcard arrival dates is another crucial part of mailing them out. Monday, Friday, and holiday arrivals won’t be as effective compared to Tuesday and Wednesday as the volume of mails is lighter on the latter days. If you need help determining the date of arrivals for your postcards, ask your local postal service.


Spending Too Much on Printing

You don’t have to head to a professional printing company to print your postcards (although if you are planning to send them out in bulk, this can be a cheaper alternative). With that said, printing with your ink-jet printer can be just as effective when printing in small volumes.


Using Postcards For Sales Pitches

Do not close your sales with a postcard. The card is way too small to include all the information that’s needed to do so. Instead, use a postcard to grab the attention of the reader and guide them further down the sales funnel.


Neglecting to Pay Attention to Headlines, Messages, or Images

A concise, attention-grabbing headline will generate up to 20 times more response than a postcard with a boring caption or none at all. Tying your headline with the contents of the postcard will also help guide the reader to the message side. Content like images must be attractive and understandable, and the messages clear on what you’re trying to promote. Otherwise, your efforts are for nothing.

 It isn’t surprising that both small and large organizations implement postcards as a marketing device. It also isn’t surprising that great success can be found through the proper use of postcard marketing. By following the tips (or rather, avoiding the mistakes) we’ve listed above, you’ll enjoy a considerable increase in sales and revenue. You’ll soon be an advocate for postcard marketing.  We provide postcard printing solutions in Ottawa, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.