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5 Advantages Of Opting For Screen Printing

Silk Screen Printing

When it comes to printing techniques, silk screen printing is said to be one of the most popular options for many people. In fact, it is used by many companies to print various designs on products in different shapes, sizes, and materials. Used for over 100 years in the commercial and artistic industries, screen printing has been employed for printing images on various surfaces, such as T-shirts, tote bags, pieces of paper, and wood, ceramics, and many other products. 

Given its popularity, you may wonder why screen printing is worth all the hype. In this article, we will share with you five advantages of opting for this method today:

1. It offers a variety of options

As far as screen printing is concerned, there is a wide variety of options for your choosing. You can choose from puff prints for slightly bloated designs and even metallic, glitter, and oil paints. It’s simply a matter of thinking of a design to incorporate and letting this printing type turn your idea into a reality!

2. It is durable

Another good reason to utilize silk screen printing is how this particular print design is durable. Be it shirts, tote bags, or wood models, your print design won’t easily be subjected to wear and tear over time. With this printing method, expect your print design to last for as long as possible.

3. It is portable

One of the best things about screen printing is that the tools and materials used are portable. If you have the knowledge and skills, you can even have your own silk screen printing device, as long as you have the portable materials. If you hold an event, you can ask the printing company to bring a portable setup to demonstrate their workflow. Gone are the days when printing tools and materials could only happen in an infrastructure!

4. It offers fast printing options

As compared to heat transfer, vinyl, and digital prints, silk screen printing yields faster outputs. You need not wait for a few days to have your bulk of materials printed. In fact, you can expect the printing company to produce designs for thousands of tee shirts, even in just a day. With screen printing, you can seal a deal with a company and expect delivery within the day.

5. It is cost-efficient

Silk screen printing is said to be the most cost-efficient printing method, particularly when it comes to printing materials in bulk. With this printing option, all you need is a template with the design that can then be used to print thousands of designs on as many items as you’d like. The silk screen template can also be used for reprinting of your materials, should you need another round of production later on.


Whether you’re a corporate designer looking to print company t-shirts, or an entrepreneur wanting to design branding materials, silk screen printing is your best bet. Given all the valuable benefits outlined above, you have all the reasons to choose this printing method. Craft your design now and see how the silk screen printing can bring your vision into life!

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