4 Tips on How to Use Postcards For Your Business


Postcards look old and outdated in a world of social media promotions. Despite this, postcards remain to be a useful marketing tool. These little notes send out catchy, direct, and personal messages that no email or tweet could achieve.

Here are some tips on how to use these mini billboards for your next marketing campaign:

1. Make a great first impression at a glance

When designing your postcard, don’t succumb to the temptation of using different fonts and colours at your disposal. Postcards work best when they’re kept simple and striking. An overloaded design will only confuse your customers with too much visual clutter. Think of them as a billboard at a highway—you want it to be snappy, catchy, and readable enough even when you only have a few seconds to get the message. 

2. Target your audience

One advantage of sending out postcards is that it allows you to target and capture your market precisely. While internet campaigns reach various people anywhere in the world, postcards are localized. Going local in this fast-paced consumer world has proven to remain advantageous. Here’s why:

You can determine precisely where your postcards go. You can focus on specific zip codes, addresses, and areas. They can be sent to neighbourhoods of particular demographics, such as income brackets, property values, and lifestyles.

3. Make it personal

Postcards, which are similar to letter-writing, have always been a personal way of sending a note to loved ones. We send them out when we go to a place and remember someone back at home. More than the message, it’s a gesture that says, “I’m thinking of you.” People love receiving personal notes in the mail because it makes them feel special, appreciated, remembered. 

Similarly, business postcards have this effect on potential customers. Where mass newsletters tend to seem cold and detached, postcards are similar to a warm handshake. It’s a personal way of introducing your brand to your target market. It’s like saying “Nice to meet you” and meaning it.

4. Make your message stand out

Thanks to technology, you don’t have to be a graphic artist to come up with a postcard design. Some apps and programs can even design one with a few inputs from you. It’s easy to go overboard with your graphics, so remember that your goal is to make a good impression. If you plan to include pictures of your product, use photos that have an adequate resolution. Your text and content should also stimulate interest and attract attention. They should include complete information—essential names, dates, and contact details. Keep in mind that postcards are a form of call-to-action.  

In an age when it’s easy to hit the delete button and scroll over posts, physical postcards will get you the attention your business desires. A compellingly designed note will always be remembered, while some people even collect them! These marketing collaterals are easy to produce and easy on the pocket. If you need help with coming up with brilliant postcard designs, contact our team today and see amazing samples!

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