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3 Reasons to Use T Shirt Printing in Your Marketing Strategy

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When the topic of marketing comes to mind, many business owners and department heads tend to think about social media posts, billboards, and posters. As today’s digitally-driven culture grows even more dependent on social media, it should come as no surprise that more business owners think of online strategies when talking about marketing. 

Sure, there’s no denying that social media posts, content marketing, and other digitally-driven approaches are more effective now. However, did you know that t shirt printing is one offline method that stands out the most?

Why t shirt printing is the marketing solution you never thought you needed

Admittedly, t shirt printing isn’t what would come to any business owner’s mind when talking of marketing, but everything about the option screams effective promotion if you look closely. 

T shirt printing has actually proven itself time and time again to be a prime example of an unorthodox promotion strategy that never ceases to work in more cases. As t shirt printing companies and shirt manufacturers continue to improve their fabric quality and designs while pumping out trends every year, business owners are presented with an opportunity to think outside the marketing box. 

To better understand why you should start shifting your focus towards t shirt printing as a means to improve your business’s marketing strategies, let’s look at three reasons you should do so: 

1. They are walking billboards and posters that will work well when executed right

Every time you walk in the mall or on the street, chances are that a t shirt with a great design or message easily catches your eye and piques your curiosity. This goes to show how great t shirts can be for marketing efforts. By taking a unique design that best represents your business and printing it on a high-quality t shirt that anyone will love to wear, you’ll be able to get free advertising almost anywhere in the world! 

2. They are more inexpensive to produce than other marketing strategies

Sure, the total cost of any t shirt printing job may vary depending on the quantity, material, print sizing, number of colours, and other order details, but the overall value far exceeds the amount payable. Instead of spending a fortune on radio spots, endorsements, and digital advertisements, you’ll be able to save a significant amount of your marketing budget on shirts that work just as well! Aside from being cheap on their own, t shirt printing can be even cheaper when you opt for a bulk order that brings down the price per piece as well! 

3. They can be produced by another company

One of the foremost benefits of opting to print t shirts for your business’s marketing strategies is the potential to rake in a significant amount of time savings! Opting to print t-shirts has become a much easier task in recent years because the entire process is streamlined each year to minimize the need for customer involvement!

For instance, having a custom t shirt order made at Clever Print only entails providing a design, choosing the colours you want, and selecting the total number of pieces—no more, no less! 

Final words

When used correctly, t-shirt printing can easily prove to be one of the most effective marketing strategies that your business can use to rake in a huge amount of sales, profits, and customers. If you’re in need of a professional printer and manufacturer that can handle your t-shirt printing needs for you, get in touch with Clever Print today to see how we can help! 

If you’re looking for custom t shirts and embroidery service in Ottawa, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.